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Baby Glas #3 on the way | An update on my 2019 booking

Hi everyone!

I wanted to take a step back from posting families and babies and let you know what is happening in my family's world these days. We are so excited to announce that we are expecting our third baby in November. Little GIRL Glashagel is expected on Thanksgiving day this year.

All of my shoots this year will carry on as normal until November 1st. I am going shoot through October, and then I will be taking off November to finalize all of my edits and December to spend with my new baby. With that being said, I am moving up my holiday minis this year to October (so don't worry those of you who already signed up, they are still happening...The new date is Sunday, October 27th at an outdoor location).

The fall is BY FAR my busiest season of the year, so I wanted to give this heads up to anyone who wants a family shoot this year. You can absolutely still get the shoot in, trust me. BUT I HIGHLY RECOMMEND booking the shoot in the next couple weeks because I will definitely run out of days this year.

Thank you all for being flexible and understanding. I cannot wait to see all of your families again! I have some amazing new locations lined up for this year's shoots! If you have not already booked, you can do it on this site...Click here to get to the right page for booking: CLICK HERE.



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